Is there a difference between art and design?

Is there a difference between art and design?

The art and design are some of the best skills one can learn to build a successful career. But these skills are often mixed up with each other. Many people believe that art and design are almost the same and there aren’t any big differences in them.

But when we dig deeper, we get to know that there are huge differences that make these fields different from each other. The purpose of writing this article is to correct the misconception of people who believe that art and design are the same things. So, let’s dive into the details of whether there is a difference between art and design or not.

Unlike Art, Design has a goal

The design is supposed to make the world more comfortable by solving a particular problem. An Element with too many beautiful elements is considered to be an art object unless it has some practical reason. This may sound strange but the artists do not have a particular goal when working on an object. Similarly, they don’t aspire to reach any other peak.

The masterpieces created by artists raise a number of questions instead of providing the answers. On the other hand, the design provides a valuable solution to a problem.

Art is a constant search but the design is observing

Is there a difference between art and design?

When people are searching for new forms, themes, and ideas, they often end up creating several art masterpieces. Although there is no difference in the main subjects of the art, it often helps with expressing one’s creativity in new ways.

On the contrary, the design consists of past experiences and uses examples. The process of design is based on adjustment, improvement, and repetition of previous solutions. For instance, the designers regularly use different features in their projects that people like to see the most.

Art is for Artists, Design is for People

Designers are always focused on studying the problems of the target audience so they may find a solution to their needs. Every day problems of society are usually fixed with the help of Design. The professional designers always try to understand the thoughts of the customers. Thus, they can find a useful solution to their problem.

On the other hand, the art just belongs to the artists. It’s a fact that the people find attractive in the artist’s work but the art is mainly targeted towards artists.

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